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Victoria Caucci commits at Southern Utah University

We are extremely proud to announce that Victoria Caucci has committed to Southern Utah University, an NCAA Division 1 school!

Victoria will be joining Thunderbirds next Fall. The team will play it's last season in the Big Sky Conference before moving to the Western Athletic Conference in July 2022. Here's what she had to say about her university process:

Why did you choose Southern Utah University?

"I love the hard working and passionate culture of the team at SUU, it’s strong academic program and beautiful campus as well as the coaching staff that share similar values to me."

Did you have other options?

"I had different options throughout the year since I started with Sports Ambitions but the connection I formed with the SUU coaching staff and the strong academic aspect of the school really helped me lean towards Southern Utah."

How did Sports Ambitions help you throughout the process?

"Sports Ambitions helped me connect to many different schools and their coaches. They gave me great advice along the way to make sure I made the best decision for my athletic and academic future."

How was the college process in general for you?

"The college process was pretty tiring and difficult due to COVID restrictions. It made me rethink a lot of my decisions but Sports Ambitions helped guide me along the way and it made my final choice that much more exciting."


Congrats on your scholarship Victoria! We can't wait to follow you at SUU!


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