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Leia Khairy signs for Saint Joseph's University

We are extremely proud to announce that Leia Khairy has signe a National Letter of Intent at Saint Joseph's University!

Leia wil be joining Hawks next Fall to help them win the Atlantic 10 Conference. Here's what she had to say about her university process:

Why did you choose St Joseph’s University?

"When I was searching for the right fit for me, I was looking for a high level soccer program in a top rated academic institution. I was hoping to find a smaller school with a great community feel and sense of family where I could achieve both my athletic and academic ambitions. I was lucky enough to find that family feeling in Coach Jess and Coach Fred, as well as the girls on the team and the academic advisors I had the opportunity to meet."

Did you have other options?

"Yes I had many other options which made the decision very difficult and strenuous."

How did Sports Ambitions help you throughout the process?

"Sports Ambitions was great throughout the entire process. I could always count on Gabriel to promptly provide answers to any questions I may have had. He helped guide me through the many steps of the process, provided excellent advice, and put me in contact with so many great universities. I am very thankful for the help of the Sports Ambitions team."

How was the college process in general for you?

"The college process for me was at once exciting and overwhelming. Specifically because of the covid pandemic, there were many ups and downs but I was lucky enough to have wonderful support from my family and from Sports Ambitions which made the process much less stressful."


Congrats on your scholarship Leia! We can't wait to follow you at SJU!


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