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Emily Niers chooses Sports Ambitions

We are proud to announce that Emily Niers has decided to join the Sports Ambitions family.

From Calgary (Alberta), Emily has been reaching new heights recently. She has a 9.05 UTR and is a top 4 Provincial Singles in 2020. We will be guiding her through her college recruitment process, as she's looking to land a scholarship for the Fall of 2022.

Her big serve and powerful forehand are some of the attributes coaches will be looking for.

Her coach Marin Cens is also very impressed by her evolution as a tennis player:

"To understand how impressive Emily is, in the past season, she has been challenged on many different levels. We operated some tactical changes, we also made some modifications on her technique, including some of her strong shots, whilst she was competing in a challenging schedule of provincials and ITF tournaments.
It was one of those “make or break” challenging moments as a player. The outcome was that she never lost confidence, nor backtracked to her old habits and managed to perform at a higher level reaching a 1700 ITF Ranking and a 2nd place in Alberta for U16."

Welcome to the team Emily!


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