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Anais Oularbi

Central Midfielder

Anais Oularbi
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Skills, Vision, Creativity

5 ft 5

June 2020

Health or Architecture


Fall 2021


    - Youngest ever player to play for the U-20 Algerian National Team
    - 16 Caps and 4 camps for the U20 World Cup Qualifications with the U20 Algerian National Team
    - Champion of FC BARCELONA Soccer School in the National Canada Tournament in Toronto 2017
    - Gold medal in the tournament of North African Football Union (UNAF) in 2019 with the National Team of Algeria U-21
    - Futsal championship: Champion of US. YOUTH FUTSAL NORTHEAST REGIONAL(2018-2019)
    - Futsal championship: Champion of US. YOUTH FUTSAL NATIONAL in Kansas City (2018-2019)
    - Futsal championship: Champion (2002 and 2003) of US. YOUTH FUTSAL REGIONAL (2019-2020)
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