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Morgan Waller signe à Ferris State University

Morgan Waller
Morgan Waller

Sports Ambitions est fier d'annoncer que Morgan Waller, joueuse issue de la Saskatchewan, vient de signer une bourse universitaire avec Ferris State University en NCAA située au Michigan. 

Malgré la distance, la joueuse qui est présentement classée  au 4e rang de la Saskatchewan chez les 18 ans et moins avait décidé de faire confiance à Sports Ambitions afin de l'aider dans son processus de bourse universitaire américaine. 

``Sports Ambitions was a very easy and helpful recruiting tool for me. Especially since I was new to the experience of talking with college coaches. It was helpful to always have someone willing to help me get in contact with schools and on how to respond to emails from coaches. Overall Sports Ambition helped me along in my college recruiting process and allowed me to find the university of my dreams!``

Thank you Morgan for your professionalism and diligence throughout the process with us.

We wish you the best of luck!


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